1. GoodMorning! :)

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  3. Being a teenager comes with...


    Eating everything in sight

    Being randomly horny

    Being bored as shit in the middle of the day

    Being addicted to the internet

    Not doing your homework till the last possible minute, then stressing about it

    And just plain not giving a damn about a lot of things…

    this blog is hilarious

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  7. ruperts:

    #i love how this makes it seem as if they are all shooting the same movie#emma is the girl looking for a challenge in life when she meets tom and rupert#rupert is a runaway who recently dropped off the army #and tom is a very intelligent computer hacker #they rob banks and other high security stuff and she joins them #that’s when we meet dan’s character who is the youngest bank president ever #and who’s about to lose a few billion pounds #except he and tom’s char are bffs from childhood #and meanwhile emma is torn between her partners in crime#except she totes ends up with rupert #cool stuff that will never happen

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